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About Us

Our Story

Pocket Socks started back in 2002 as Zip It Sox. Founder Evan Papel was traveling through Europe when his passport and money were stolen. Over a liter stein of fine Munich beer, the idea of the sock with a pocket materialized.

Zip It Gear gave way to Pocket Socks in 2018. The travel and function-focused line is now moving forward towards a brave new world of color and design intelligence.


We make great socks. Listen, the pocket is amazing and it’s unlike anything else out there, however without a great sock, it doesn’t mean much. So we put a ton of design time and analysis into what we’re offering you. That includes yarns from sustainable and renewable materials, ethical manufacturing conditions and wear tests over miles and miles.

We have Passport Security socks, novelty socks, argyle dress socks, ankle socks, and over-the-calf boot socks.


We’re a hard working bunch. We’re a small team, but nimble, talented, enthusiastic and fun! As we build our team, we’ll be doing so with you and your experience with us in mind.

(Founder from 2003 with his first pair of Pocket Socks)

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