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1 Pair Purchased = 1 Meal for Hungry Kids

Posted by Evan Papel on Jun 4th 2020

Pocket Socks is pleased to announce a partnership with San Diego's It's All About The Kids Foundation.  While the foundation is responsible for a variety of kids needs, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the focus has strictly been feeding households who otherwise would not have access to food.   Our commitment is really easy to understand.  We will donate the funds necessary for 1 meal for each and every pair of Pocket Socks purchased.  1 meal constitutes 1 pound of fresh an
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Pocket Socks - The Jingle

Posted by Evan Papel on Feb 10th 2019

The Pocket Socks jingle is at the bottom of the posting.   I heard this in my head years ago and finally took a leap to produce the jingle.   What is a jingle?   A jingle is supposed to be a short slogan, tune or verse designed to be easily remembered.  From a marketing and advertising perspective, a jingle should be memorable for a long long time. Like, stuck in your head memorable.   Here are a few examples of great jingles.  You
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Thank goodness for getting robbed

Posted by Evan Papel on Jan 14th 2019

Thank goodness for getting robbed
I was traveling across Europe after my graduation from University of Colorado.   Eurail pass in hand and free as a bird, I was on a train traveling throughout Italy.  Somewhere between 1 hour before our arrival and 1 hour after my arrival into Milan, the wallet carrying critical money, credit cards and travel documents were skillfully taken from my pocket.  When I went to file a police report, they basically laughed at me.  I was able to phone home, get some money wired
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